Land Use and Zoning

Through our Land Use & Zoning practice, the attorneys at Martin Tate represent developers, property owners, and interested parties who are petitioning the government to permit or to reject all types of property uses.  On behalf of clients, our attorneys have achieved their goals to permit attractive and economically viable development initiatives in our community and, when appropriate, have successfully opposed plans that would have caused undesirable impacts to established, adjoining properties and neighborhoods.  Our team is well versed in the applicable zoning ordinances and regulations to foster stable development, on the one hand, and to impede bad planning, on the other.  We work closely with government planners and decision-makers on land-use petitions to obtain support for our clients’ petitions before all public boards, councils, and commissions.  

As with many other areas of our practice, Martin Tate’s area-wide civic involvement shapes our success in the area of property development. Our attorneys are active in community pursuits at all levels and have the knowledge and contacts to position our clients to best facilitate their goals for well-planned growth in our urban environment.