Intellectual Property

The field of intellectual property (IP) covers a broad spectrum of business assets that derive from human imagination, research and ingenuity.  Although intangible, IP rights comprise a large part of a business’ value.

Patents for a period of years protect inventions that have been made.  Pursuant to the US patent statutes, others may be barred from making, using, selling or offering for sale the patented inventions.  At the same time the law affords numerous defenses to an accused infringer.  Martin Tate has the expertise to assist either in pursuing those who infringe your patents or in defending against claims of infringement lodged against you.

Trademarks, service marks, trade names and trade dress can be one of a company’s most valuable assets because they identify the goods or services that a company provides.  Martin Tate can assist in the procurement of federally registered marks and has substantial experience in protecting and licensing marks as well as defending alleged infringers.

Copyright laws protect written or graphical creations such as novels, advertising material, photographic materials, or source code for computer programs.  Martin Tate can assist in obtaining federal copyright protection and in litigation relating to copyrights. 

Trade secrets often are at the very heart of a company’s value.  Thus, formulae for products, special manufacturing methodologies, client lists, pricing lists and the like can be extremely important and valuable to a business.  Martin Tate has experience drafting agreements to protect and license trade secrets.  Additionally, we have substantial experience in fighting and resolving lawsuits over trade secrets.