Landlord/Tenant Law

Clients rely on us to facilitate successful and secure residential leasing arrangements.  Our attorneys are experienced in representing both sides of the contractual relationship, including with respect to drafting and negotiating leases, addressing contractual and statutory safety requirements, litigating or otherwise resolving breaches of contract, and recovering damages incurred by either party.  

Landlord-tenant law governs the obligations of parties to a residential lease. Providing guidance through this body of law,  we regularly represent landlords in evicting tenants, recovering unpaid rent, and obtaining compensation for damages to the property. We also represent tenants with respect to claims against the landlord for failure to provide a habitable property and for breach of contractual obligations relating to maintenance and repair. In many cases, landlord/tenant disputes can be resolved with ADR, and our attorneys take into account the particularities of each unique situation in advising clients as to the best course of action.