Construction Law

Martin Tate represents entities and individuals at every level of the construction project, including developers, lenders, architects, engineers, general contractors, construction managers, subcontractors, suppliers, and insurance companies.  Our attorneys pursue and defend construction-related arbitrations and court cases; close loans on behalf of developers; negotiate contracts between contractors and owners and between subcontractors and contractors; represent large banks in foreclosures of multi-million-dollar projects; and assert and defend materialmen’s liens.

We provide advice and counseling on topics such as:

  • Litigation and arbitration,
  • Contract drafting and negotiation,
  • Contractual risk assessment,
  • Payment and collection issues,
  • Mechanic's liens, materialman's liens, and bond/insurance claims,
  • Delay and disruption,
  • Scheduling and acceleration,
  • Changes issues,
  • Lost labor and equipment impact,
  • Incomplete/defective design problems,
  • Employment, safety, and benefit issues; and
  • Issues related to undocumented workers.